About Us

Dorkheads Team

Dorkheads is a brand under LolGH (abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud Ghana) and a product of Kloud 9 Studios – the biggest and baddest animation studio in Africa … soon ;). 

Our comic strips and toons are our awesome attempt at depicting isolated, stupid and funny events in Ghana, Africa and the world. Just jokes really!!! :)

You can (and definitely should) check out some of our Dorkheads content at our LolGH website.

We are just a bunch of regular folks who want to make people laugh everyday by exposing the Ghanaian and African everyday way of life in a different and funny light. Our plan is to keep putting out the most awesome content and keep pushing the boundaries of excellence in animation and comic art.

We also have a TONS more ideas, products and content coming your way to make sure to support us by grabbing some merch and connecting with us on all our social channels!!! :)